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November 06, 2007



Some links related to bicycle commuting:

Seattle Metro trip planner:


How to load/unload your bike on a bus:


The Ortlieb Office bag provides a handy way to bring your PC with you on your bike.


The Vega bike light is lightweight, easy to attach/detach, and puts out a lot of light for evening commuting.


The Bike Buddy program can help answer your questions about bike commuting:



It might help to look at biking in the context of other non-car transit options. To solve your perspiration problem you can bring your bike into work on the bus and then ride home at the end of the workday. From nearby your house you can take the 16 bus which gets you to downtown in 30 minutes. There's also the 358 that's a little longer of a bike from your house but offers a faster trip (and fewer stop-and-go movements that make reading or emailing a pain).

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